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Training and consignment programs

  Over ten years ago when I was starting my own young horse for the first time, after only having other cowboys start all of our young jumping prospects.  I felt very overwhelmed and nervous regarding how  I was going to make this a good experience for my horse and myself.  I was taken in by a retired veterinarian who trains horses on the side. He showed me the Clinton Anderson natural horsemanship method how to start horses. I was amazed it worked and both Marley and me understood what we where doing. We both where speaking the same language! I have used his method on every horse since I have had to adapt it to each horse because they are all so very different. Each horse I have trained has been a success! 

Are you looking for your next horse? Helping individuals find their perfect match is something I really enjoy. From Marketing, equine nutrition and conditioning helping horses look and feel their best is a key component

john and mar - Copy.jpg

My son Liam and his horse Marley have a very special connection. She really loves when he comes to groom and take her for rides. Her patience with him and protective nature are a very special thing to be able to see.

his girl.jpg

Maverick is the first homebred colt that we are loving raising! Marley has proven to be a wonderful mother to him and he seems to have her loving gentle nature. 

marley and maverick.jpg

Hartley needed some one to believe in her and give her the chance her deserved to really come out of her shell and shine! in just one year she made outstanding strides and is ready for the show pen. 


Katana is second dare to dream rescue out of Calgary. She was a wild storming girl when she came to me and with love and understanding she really turned into an amazing horse. She is now loved by a young girl who does lots of gymkhana on her! .


Vienna I got in a weird horse trade believe it or not! she took a good long time to grow into these legs! she is now out in Victoria bc! 

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